Development possibilities of relationship between MAI and Slovakia Republic discussed in Chisinau

The minister of Internal Affairs hold the first meeting with  E.S Dušan Dacho, the new Ambassador of Slovak Republic to Republic of Moldova.

The officials discussed about the cooperation priorities in internal affairs sphere, bilateral relationship of Moldova with Slovakia and the successes of these and other subjects.

Thus, Alexandru Jizdan, mentioned about how necessary it is to strengthen the MAI services with Slovakia. 

At the same time, the Minister of Internal Affairs reiterated the opening for the initiation of joint collaboration projects and handed the congratulatory letter to the appointment of the new Slovak Intern Affairs Minister Tomáš Drucker.

At his turn, E.S Ambassador of Slovakia to Chisinau stressed the importance of regional security, expressing Slovakia's support for the reforms initiated by the Moldovan Government, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Last but not least, E. Dušan Dacho said in the dialogue that Moldova is a state of priority for Slovakia, being in the list of the first three states benefiting from financial and technical assistance from Slovakia.

In conclusion, the Ministry of Interior will continue to work with the Slovak Republic with the support of the Embassy in Chisinau, through various projects, exchanges of best practices and involvement in initiatives to modernize and develop the areas managed by the MIA.

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