Details regarding Turkish citizen detained at Chisinau International Airport

A Turkish citizen, wanted for murder, was detain by border police from Moldova, while trying to pass the customs using a fake passport.

At the moment the man was taken to prison No. 13 from the Capital, until the final decision will not be taken.

According to the source, the 21-year-old man arrived at Chisinau International Airport through a VIP boarder and was to leave for Irak.

At the customs control the man presented a false Irak passport, the passenger acted obviously agitated which made the officers to perform additional inspection of the document.

The officer's suspicion turned out to be true, as the passport turned out to be false. Because they could not identify the man's real identity a finger print scan was used.

A short while after, thanks to the collaboration of General Police Inspectorate, with international investigators, including FBI, it was established that the man was a Turkish citizen.

According to the information, in 2015 he fatally stabbed a man in a shopping center from Turkey and later on tried to enter Republic of Moldova using a fake passport. 

The man was earlier caught , but was not trialed for this reason, as he attempted to bribe border officers with 5 000 euro. This act was reported to National Anticorruption Center, the man sttod trial and was imprisoned for 2 years in the Republic of Moldova.

All information regarding his activities for the part years were given to Turkish authorities, to investigate the case and decide a fitting punishment for the foreign citizen.

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