Details on the 4-year-old-girl intoxicated with pills. The child's condition

The 4-year-old girl from Orhei that intoxicated with pills and was hospitalized yesterday, feels better. The child is in the pediatric intensive care unit of the Mother and Child's Institute from the Capital. The 3-year-old boy from the same district, who swallowed tincture of iodine, is in a good condition too and was transferred in the Surgery Department of the same Institute.

'The 4-year-old girl has treated under the detox rehab in the form of forced diuresis. The child was conscious to the morning and the medical analysis are good. The children are safe, without any life-threatening conditions', declared the hemodialysis and toxicology sector chief, Sergiu Postolachi.

The two children intoxicated because they were left without any supervision. According to the Public Health Agency, children are often swallowing sedatives, painkillers and sleeping pills used by the family members.

From the beginning of the year, 130 minors were hospitalized because of pills intoxication.

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