DETAILS of Cimislia crime. Reason why man killed his father with AX

A man from Porumbra, Cimislia killed his father with his an ax. The crime took place two days ago after the victim refused to give her money to his son, the latter being an alcoholic . According to the police, the corpse was only discovered yesterday in the victim's yard by one of the grandchildren.  

According to the police, the 112 call was made yesterday morning, although relatives say the tragedy occurred Sunday night. The 85-year-old victim was hit twice by his 54 years old son. The inanimate body of the man was discovered even by a grandson of the man who had come to help his grandfather cut wood. 

"When I just turned my head and saw it, I did not even come close to it. I went to a woman where the guy went more often and told her to come and see if she was alive, and said no".

The suspect and victim two lived together, and according to the neighbors, the son had the passion of alcohol. Moreover, relatives say that the suspect also had psychological problems after the wife took couple of the couple and went to Italy. 

"He was also at the Codru hospital, his brain was dying, his father holding his teeth and his father's luck, and he was doing absolutely nothing". 

"He was treated to narcology in Chisinau. He stood for about 5 or 6 times, and he went out and went and drank and did not judge normally".

Neighbors say the victim worked as a trainer even at 85, and the conflicts between the two were every time the man sent his son to work.

"They were always starting to work, Nanu was older and working, but he was younger and did nothing, he liked to stay out of nothing." 

Law enforcement officials say the motive of the crime would have been that the victim would have refused to give money to the suspect. 

"Among them was a quarrel, which then degenerated in the application of a few strikes to the father in the head region by the son", said Dan Pirlici, head of the Cimislia Police Inspectorate. 

The suspect was detained in the Cimislia isolator. He recognized his blame and was at risk for up to 15 years of jail.

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