Details in case of Veaceslav Ceban, accused of bribery: 60,000 EURO for a case

Former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Veaceslav Ceban was detained by anti-corruption officers, being accused of receiving thousands of euros in order to close cases. 

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According to the information, he would have received 60 thousand euros in a case of influence peddling. He would have to help issue a favorable decision in a case of illegal banking cars manufacture.

The settlement reached the sale of the apartment because the informer didn't had the amount of money. 

The informer had the discussions with the suspect in a Viber conversation. It was agreed that the money will be transferred in two installments of 45,000 euros and 15,000 euros, respectively, until June 24th.

Both the customs employee and the former deputy minister were detained for 72 hours.If they are found guilty, the suspects risk up to seven years in prison.

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