Details in case of 4-year-old child that fell from 6th floor balcony in Capital

Tragedy in the Capital. A 4-year old fell from the sixth floor of a building after being left alone in the apartment. The little one was transported to the hospital with multiple injuries.

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According to doctors, his situation is grave, but stable. The incident occurred last night in Rascani sector of the Capital. The child fell on a table that was in front of the block. A man who saw everything has called the ambulance. Immediately, policemen came at the spot and began looking for the child's parents.

The police came at the spot and after half an hour police officers have found his mother. 

The little one's mother told police officers she went to the shop for a few minuts, but couldn't explain why it took more than two hours.

The child has been hospitalized at Valentin Ignatenco Hospital. 

"The child has been hospitalized in intensive care. His situation is stable right now. His mother still didn't came at the hospital" , said pres officer of the hospital, Tatiana Stoicev.

A criminal case has been opened. The parents of the child risk fine of up to 28,000 lei or two years in prison. 


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