DETAILS about detainee who escaped from Goian.

Alert made by Goian's No.10 penitentiary. A 23-year-old prisoner, who was serving his sentence in the open sector, escaped. His disappearance was detected yesterday, around 23.00.

This man was sentenced to 2 years in jail for causing a car accident, being intoxicated.

"People practicing the punishment of the open sector are not inside the penitentiary. it is a sector for less serious crimes," said Head of Penitentiary Institutions Department , Oleg Pantea.

The people around them say they are not afraid for their safety.

"The young man may have tried to flee from the penitentiary to have a better life, maybe he does not pose any danger to people."

"We do not have to worry about it, the prison is for minors. It is not serious, it is not the first time someone escapes."

"I'm not afraid, because I have dogs at home."

The case is investigated by prosecutors.

For the offense committed, the individual risks another two years in prison. According to statistics, last year, five detainees escaped from penitentiaries.

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