Details about man shot dead in Hânceşti swimming pool

A 20-year-old man was shot dead while being arrested by a policeman. The incident happened last night at a swimming pool in Hânceşti. The man with his two friends, sneaked into a recreational center but the owner called the police. 

"While the youngsters were in the pool without permission, the owner and the policeman quickly approached and shot in the air and towards one of the young people. As a result, the young man aged 20 died in the Hânceşti district hospital, "said Igor Popa, the deputy head of the General Prosecutor's Office.

The file is under the Chişinău prosecutors' administration.

Currently, two people are detained. One of them is the owner of the center.

Mayor of Hânceşti, Alexandru Botnari, declared that the businessman is a citizen of Israel who lives in Moldova with his family. The land on which the recreation area was built is leased from the Town Hall. 

The second one detained is policeman, who fired the gun. He is Deputy Head of Criminal Police within the Hânceşti Inspectorate.

"The policeman involved in this incident, who is now detained, passed the alcohol test, so he was not drunk. The prosecution will determine whether he is guilty or not," said Alexandru Pînzari, head of the Inspectorate General of the Police.

The young people involved in this case are students from Hânceşti. The dead one is Dan Osipciuc, the son of a former SIS employee.

"As far as I know, this young man who died was very good at school. Osipciuc's father used to worke at SIS. He was well educated, quiet boy", said Alexandru Botnari, Mayor of Hânceşti.

The press also wrote that another young man is the son of a deputy, and the third boy is the son of the deputy head of the Hânceşti Police Inspectorate, Ion Pârău.

Contacted by our team, he confirmed the information.

After the incident, the center was closed, and a man, who is a relative of the owner, says he came to repair the gate that was damaged when the police entered the territory:

"They came in at night, jumped over the fence," 

In this case, a criminal case for intentional killing was started.

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