Despite cold weather, SOME Moldovans spend weekend at pools

Some Moldovans can’t help waiting for the vacation season. They went to lakes and pools, as the entertainment firms prepared incentives.

As for example, the entrance ticket at the pool from Sociteni village was twice less than usual.

Despite the clouds, the people bathed and stood in the sun.
Some took their kids with them:

"We came to swim, to admire, to see what it’s like."

"It’s cold, but it’s fine. You get used to it. We start to like it."

"Foot by foot, hand by hand, we try to get used to the water.”.

The water chute were extremely popular, because you don’t have to pay until July.

On the first day, you had to pay 100 Moldovan lei per adult and 50 lei per child, as the kids under 5 went for free.

"We’ve got customers enough. We lure them by a 50% discount. We prepare lots of surprises and contests, prizes for the season," said pool manager Mihail Poalelungi.

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