Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Iurie Leanca visited Vienna

Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, Iurie Leanca, has visited Vienna, where the official met with Federal Minister within the Federal Chancellery for the EU, Arts, Culture and Media, Gernot Blümel. Iurie Leanca also gave a speech at the Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria, being invited by its president, former Chancellor of Austria, Wolfgang Schüssel.

Deputy Prime Minister spoke with Gernot Blümel of Republic of Moldova's European integration and encountered difficulties. Iurie Leancă mentioned the importance of a clear European perspective for Moldova, which will be based on the successful implementation of the reforms and the society's understanding of the advantages of European integration, pleading for Austria's support.

Iurie Leancă expressed gratitude toward Austrian parties for the valuable assistance offered to Moldova through Austrian Development Agency and bilateral cooperation Strategy of Austria with Moldova for 2016-2020.

Deputy Prime Minister also invited Minister Blümel to visit Republic of Moldova in the near future, depending on the Federal Minister's agenda, taking into consideration that Austria will take over, on 1st July, Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

In the speech given at the Foreign Policy and United Nations Association of Austria, Iurie Leancă spoke of the political and economic situation from the Republic of Moldova, European vector's priority, the way regional and international situation is influencing the country. Participants, among whom were experts in the field of politics and economy, diplomats, lawyers, state institution's representative and journalists were interested in the phenomenon of migration, the Transnistrian problem and the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the Republic of Moldova, as well as the efforts made to rebuild the national economy and ensure political stability.


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