Deputy Minister of Economy, Valeriu Triboi DETAINED by NACC officers

The Deputy Minister of Economy Valeriu Triboi has been detained yesterday, March 31st by prosecutors and NACC officer in a corruption case. The official has been detained and will stay in isolation for 72 hours.

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The operation took place after raids at the Ministry of Economy. The officers conducted searches in several offices. Valeriu Triboi refused to talk to the press.

Following searches, employees of National Anti-corruption Center refused to provide details about the sealed packages found.

The NACC spokesman Angela Starinschi, said that prosecutors along with officers from the Center National Anti checks have conducted checks at the home of the Deputy Minister of Economy.

Anticorruption prosecutors have initiated a criminal case on behalf of employees SPPS who tried to restrict the access of prosecutors and NACC officers in the Government, namely the Ministry of Economy, on March 31st, during the operations.

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