Deputy director and manager of construction company ARRESTED for fraud in Hincesti town

Deputy Director and manager of a construction company in Hincesti town have been arrested for 30 days, accused of committing the scam in large proportions.

According to the information, the president of the association has denounced the actions of the suspects for receiving  over 52,000 euros, money allocated by the Italian association for charity for the construction of a center for children with mental disabilities in Hincesti town.

During the criminal investigation, prosecutors have determined that managers for the construction have completed two contract with an Italian charity association.

However, the suspect haven't completed the work under the pretext of inability to do so. Thus, have stolen 52,592 euros from the total of 230,000 euros.

The investigation continues to estimate the total amount of damage caused.

The suspects risk up to 15 years imprisonment with deprivation of the right to practice certain activities for up to five years.

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