Democratic Party wishes for changes in constitution leaning toward EU

Fabrika's guests, last night have declared that Democratic Party's decision to promote a change in legislation and make European Integration a priority, is much needed for the sake of our citizens.

"I remember how in 2016, President Nicolae Timofti, has also came up with this suggestion and I believe that it is time to act on it and make it final" Deputy headmaster of the Law and Politics Institute of the Academy of Science of Moldova, Victor Juc declared.

Member of the Democratic Party, Sergiu Sîrbu added that this decision should be discussed with the public.

"There is no project yet, it is just an idea. It is an important decision for our society, as such it should be made available for debate for the general public, for representatives from various fields, with international opinion" Sergiu Sîrbu mentioned.

The idea to modify the legislation and lean it toward EU was declared on Tuesday, by Democratic Party's Leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.

The leader reminded to everyone that back in 2014, the constitutional court declared that learning toward EU is an key factor in Moldova's constitution. 

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