Democratic Party reproached new Government's higher income tax and VAT

PDM has criticized the tax increase and value-added tax doubling after the new Government announced officially the higher individual tax and VAT for HoReCa industry (food service industry) 

PDM governance cut the income tax from 18 to 12% and also reduced VAT. 

"New Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilița announced officially the tax increase for people with higher income, however, she didn't specify who are people with higher income. Are people who earn 3000-5000 lei per month?

We cut the tax when we were power and especially, people with income of 2000 lei didn't have to pay the tax. This reform promoted by PDM was welcomed by HoReCa industry while clients appreciated the TVA cut.  

Regretfully, TVA doubling in this sector will produce negative impact: the domain will return to shadow activities when they hide the real income. It could lead to decreased state budget pay and the service price will probably climb up. 

Following these anti-reforms, everybody will have something to lose: citizen as beneficiaries, patrons and employees in HoReCa industry, as well as state-paid employees", quoted the PDM post. 


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