Democratic Party presidential hopeful Marian Lupu pays visit to northern district of Briceni

Briceni is one of the few districts managing to attract the largest amount of state funds to repair roads. It has got 105 million lei from the Regional Development Fund for the last three years.

The Democrats’ presidential candidate Marian Lupu has got informed on the revamping of the northern roads linking Romania and Ukraine.

"Briceni is a pivotal linking knot, viewing the transportation of people, goods crossing the district. It’s logical the problem has been solved through the Regional Development Fund," said Marian Lupu.

Marian Lupu also paid a visit to Colicăuţi, his father’s native village, where he was named an honorable citizen of the locality.

"I’m honored by your presence here, in a community of diligent householder. I love this village. I used to spend my vacations here with my cousins and neighbors," Lupu said.

The PDM leader presented the villagers his election platform, including the reforms planned for the retiring and healthcare sectors.

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