Democratic party from Moldova will be first on the ballots

The Democratic Party from Moldova will be the first party in the ballot. The places have been chosen randomly. Everybody who wants to run for the presidential elections can apply the folder to the Central Election Commission and the district councils within a month. The Democratic party was the first who applied at CEC. Vlad Plahotniuc, the chairman of the party, Pavel Filip prime minister and Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament rank first on this list.

DPM's Political Council also decided that the first on the list will be Vlad Plahotniuc. He submitted the declaration of consent to run for the post of deputy, and then made statements to the press. Vlad Plahotniuc is convinced that DPM will be supported by voters, because for three years, during which the democrats are in power, several important projects for people have been successfully implemented, including "Good Roads for Moldova" and "First House". The DPM leader also mentioned wage increases, pensions, and other social payments made by the Government.

"The Democratic Party doesn't talk, it acts. The Democratic party is the only party that can provide the political stability of the country and the economic growth. In the next years, we will continue to pay allowances, index the salaries and provide better life conditions", said Vlad Plahotniuc, DPM's president.

The Democratic president also said that the other parties don't bring solutions.

"The other parties want to steal the pensions and salaries that we managed to grow. They want to steal the allowances and to close schools, the same as they did before", mentioned Vlad Plahotniuc.

Totally, on DPM's list there are 53 names, among whom 24 women and 29 men. Vlad Plahotniuc is followed by Pavel Filip and Andrian Candu, who is placed third on the list. The fourth is Constantin Botnari, the general secretary of the party. Monica Babuc, the Minister of Education, Culture and Research is the fifth. Vasile Bitca, the former minister of Regional Development is the next one. The seventh in the list is Sergiu Sirbu, who is a lawyer. Vladimir Cebotari, the former Justice Minister is the eight.

"We started many great things and we will continue to do them. I don't think that other teams can do more than DPM", said Vladimir Cebotari, vice-president of DPM.

"Vladimir Cebotari is followed by Vladimir Andronachi and Dumitru Diacov, the honor President of DPM. Among the candidates there is Silvia Radu, the minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

"It is necessary to fight for our future, this involves taking part in the political life of the country. I support the reforms that have begun and I want these reforms to be completed", said Silvia Radu, Minister of Health , Labor and Social Protection.

The National Political Council of the PDM voted also the list of the 51 candidates who will participate in the elections in uninominal constituencies. At the same time, the representatives of the Democratic Party have filed the acts for registration as a participant in the consultative referendum, which will take place on the same day with the parliamentary elections, at the PDM proposal. In the plebiscite, voters will be asked if they agree to reduce the number of deputies from 101 to 61, but also if they want to dismiss the people who do not fulfill their commitments.

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