Democratic Party call to presidential candidates to cease debate attacks

Democratic Party calling all candidates to cease unfounded and ridiculos debate attacks and focus on real problems of the country. Through a call, the party urges candidates to the post of head of state to go to meetings with citizens, to propose development agenda but not to sow strife and hatred.

According to the Democratic Party, it's strange that Marian Lupu, that the only presidential candidate who has a clear pro-European message, is under constant attack competitors right.

PDM claims that by such actions demonstrate that candidates fear that Marian Lupu and his message has growing audience among citizens.

"The Democratic Party will not enter this game and will continue to go around the country to find solutions to people's problems" , reads the appeal formation.

Also, PDM requires candidates to stop making ridiculous and irresponsible accusations of fraud presidential election. According to the party, the government will ensure fairness election and pedaling on the idea of electoral fraud is showing weakness and lack of solutions.

In an interview for Publika TV, PDM leader, Marian Lupu, said that those who criticize and oppose the current executive of European integration reforms.

"We have the impression that several potential candidates have not found a position or ideology better than to start this campaign on vehement attacks on the government, don't have projects for the country.  All of them, in this campaign, want Moldova's destabilization and the return into chaos and disorder" , said Marian Lupu.

Than criticize the current government, Marian Lupu urges the country's political forces to unite and contribute to reforms.

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