Democratic MPs requested Foreign Minister, Nicu Popescu's hearing

The Democratic MPs requested Foreign Minister, Nicu Popescu's hearing after the mistake he made while on his visit to Bucharest.

The proposal wasn't supported by ACUM-PSRM Alliance's MPs.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that
during his visit at Bucharest, the Foreign Minister from Chisinau qualified Nistru's armed conflict as a civil war, while in the Transnistrian region are staying Russian troops.

'The Government from Chisinau has as a purpose to ease the life of our citizen, who due to a civil war in '92, live in the Transnistrian region. We'll try to simplify their life through access to the documents, citizenship according, diplomas. There is no federalization problem because there is no proper Parliamentary majority and about 80% of the citizens don't want it to happen. We must be very attentive at how our discussions evolve with our foreign partners and with the Transnistrian authorities', mentioned Nicoale Popescu.

Also, the Foreign Minister declared that all the world's states have the right to decide which foreign troops to stay on their territory.

We remind that also the state president, Igor Dodon, qualified the war on Nistru of 1992 year as a civil war, and if the Russian army hadn't stepped in, the conflict could evolve into a bigger war.
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