Democrat Nae-Simion Pleşca spoke with teachers from No. 225 kindergarten to help solve all issues they face

Teachers from kindergarten No. 225 from Ciocana sector of the Capital have requested bigger salaries and better working conditions, during a meeting with democrat Nae-Simion Pleşca. The official promised that those responsible will be notified of those issues.

"The sidewalk has to be repaired. The kindergarten is beautiful and well equipped, but the building requires thermal insulation" director of No. 225 kindergarten, Ala Vasilache said.

Beside the gaps in the education system, employees have also complained of various internal problems.

"I would like to request you to generalize all problems, so that we can take them and begin speaking with Mrs. interim Mayor Silvia Radu" PDM deputy, Nae-Simion Pleşca said.

The participants agreed to hold a common meeting with local authorities, where employees from all kindergartens from Ciocana will attend.

"I truly hope that after the talks we had today, there will be some long awaited results" Ala Vasilache confessed.

Democrat deputy Nae-Simion Pleşca has also met with employees from National Center for Verification and Certification of Vegetable Products and Soil. The institution is controlling all food that is sold in shops from Moldova.

During the meeting, representatives from the Center requested the democrat deputy to come forward with an initiative to change the food legislation. The talks being useful for all those present.

"Being on the field is actually a great sanctification for me, as I have the chance to speak with people, hear what they have to say" democrat Nae-Simion Pleşca declared.

Democrat deputy Nae-Simion Pleşca is organizing meetings with citizens a few time per week, to find out of the problems they face and contribute in solving them.

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