Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc announces Government’s reshape! Number of ministries, cut to 9, after decision in ruling coalition

Vlad Plahotniuc says the number of ministries will be cut from 16 to 9. The number of state agencies will also dwindle. Still an agreement must be reached within the ruling coalition. The leader of the Democratic Party (PDM) made the statements today after a reunion of the party’s national council.

"We assumed this reform last year. The preparing stage lasted too long because of objective reasons, both technical and political. Technically one had to set up a reform implementing unit, drafting the pattern of amassing the institutions, identifying foreign experts, the funds.

The political reasons implied many discussions within the ruling coalition. We all agree it’s good to have the reshape of the Government, there are differences on certain aspects, but I’m sure we’ll overcome them.

We cannot waste the time with this reform any longer. We have commitments to our foreign partners and to ourselves because we know we must optimize the costs and make the Government’s work more efficient. We have commitments to our citizens," said Vlad Plahotniuc.

"We’ll implement this reform as soon as our colleagues from the Government inform us on the stage of the reform and discuss it with the coalition partners. In the talks with our coalition partners we have insisted to end the political distribution of the jobs in the Cabinet and other institutions. Although this method is there in European countries, it has not worke dwell in Moldova.

We have proposed this when seemingly the PDM would find convenient this formula. But it does not generate the nominee’s professionalism, neither a change of the things for better. We must appoint professionals. We still have to find a compromise on this matter, because it’s a total reform of the Government and agencies.

There is no place for more compromises any more. We either reform the Government, or do nothing. The half measures won’t go. I know the reforms are intricate and trigger the dissatisfaction of the ones losing certain privileges.

We are ready and we’ll go forward. We’ll observe all the opinions, even of the opposition parties. But we’ll make the decision in function of the citizens’ interests," added PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc

The purpose of this reform is making the Government more efficient and dynamic, and to cut the corruption and bureaucracy in these institutions, bringing a better institutional organization and improving the quality of the services provided to the citizens.

"Regardless of the political costs, we’ll carry out this reform to the very end. It’s one of the most important, it’s a test to be passed by us all, the politicians and the government. We must display our readiness to make such complex reforms in Moldova," stated PDM president Vlad Plahotniuc

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