Democrat Ghenadie Verdeş was elected president of Nisporeni district

PDM district councilor Ghenadie Verdeş was elected as mayor of Nisporeni district today, informs

Verdeş, who has held until now the position of vice-president of the district, was elected by unanimous vote of 30 district councilors present at the meeting. The appointment of Verdeş was welcomed by the head of the Intervention and Payment Agency for Agriculture, Nicolae Ciubuc, who is also a district councilor.

"I do not know if there have been similar situations in other districts, when with the practical vote of all the councilors, regardless of political affiliation, such a large number was elected to the leadership  - this is the proof of the compromise, the foundation of interest focused on the need to develop the Nisporeni district, "commented Ciubuc.

We mention that the former president of Nisporeni, Ion Artene raion resigned in 2016. Since then, the interim has been secured by Ghenadie Verdeş.

The new president of the district was born on May 13, 1975, graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

He has been working in local government since 2011 and now as an entrepreneur. 

He ran for mayor of Nisporeni in local election 2011 as Liberal Party member, later he joined the Democratic Party. 

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