Democracy made by violence, aggression, foul language and threat. PPDA Mayor hit PLDM politician in Rezina

Dispute at local council meeting in Mateuţi, Rezina when Mayor Angela Ursachi hit local counselor from PLDM Livia Scutaru. The Liberal Democratic deputy condemns the mayor's behavior and says that "Ms started already your electoral campaign, being a candidate from the Dignity and Truth party. 

"At the end of the meeting, Mayor Angela Ursachi requested Ms. Livia Scutaru to remain in the office for discussion. Being aggressive, Angela Ursachi banned Livia Scutaru from leaving the office. The discussion ended up in a hit on Scutaru's head who fainted immediately", quoted the message of PLDM. 

The party reckons to this behavior that democracy is made by violence, aggression, foul language and threat. 

Then, Livia Scutaru filed a complaint to the police and PLDM representatives hope that the justice will be fair. 



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