Demand for electronic electronic signatures rises sharply in 2019

Increased number of people requesting and receiving CTIF electronic signatures was registered in 2019, says the Public Institution Registration Center "Center for Information Technology in Finance". It has risen 11,3% compared to 2018 and exceeded the threshold of 18 thousand.

CTIF statistics also show that, last year, the total number of natural and legal persons who received electronic signatures issued by the institution increased, compared with 2018, by 6.7% and exceeded the figure of 22 thousand.

At the end of 2019, 32.4 thousand people held electronic signatures issued by CTIF. 

The electronic signature gives its holders access to all available electronic public services. It can be used in the information systems MSign, e-Reporting, e-Statement, e-Invoice, e-Licensing, e-Civil Status, e-Procurement, etc. With the help of electronic signature, citizens can sign official documents, applications or declarations without going to the offices of public institutions, and businessmen can use this service to remotely sign contracts and documents, saving time and financial resources.

The registration center of the CTIF issues to the applicants, upon request, the public key certificate and the device for creating the electronic signature (stick).


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