Delia Romanian singer exploded Chisinau with her show within Mărţişor - 2018 Festival

The pop singer Delia just exploded the Moldovan capital with her show last night at the Nicolae Sulac National Palace in Chisinau.  

Accompanied by instrumentalists and talented dancers, the singer offered an exceptionally glamorous show which impressed the audience. 

"I like it very much, It's really impressive". 

The Romanian singer was surprised at the public's reaction.

"I'm glad that everybody enjoyed the show, people are so warm and sweet, I've received many flowers and candies", said the Romanian singer. 

The concert was organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, within the Mărţişor - 2018 Festival. The event, reached its 52nd edition, will end today with a big show, offered by the famous ensemble of popular dances "Game".

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