Defense strategies discussed by Defense Ministry and representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in our country

The Center for Strategic Defense and Security Studies of the Military Academy of Armed Forces (AMFA), and the Ministry of Defense, organized on May 23, at the Center for Culture and Military History, the international conference "Environment Strategic Security: Challenges and Trends ", attended by representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, the academic and scientific environment of Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Poland, Moldova, Romania, USA and Ukraine.

Discussion agenda focused on the challenges, visions and perspectives on the defense dimension in the context of the current security environment, the policies on international defense cooperation of the Republic of Moldova, the military capabilities of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova in relation with the partner countries , risks, threats and current threats in the regional security environment, guaranteeing the neutrality of the state through the international law institutions, the particularities of the use of discursive techniques in the context of strategic communication, human rights in the conflict zones.

Also, the experts discussed the security system in Romania, the Black Sea Basin in the context of confronting the interests of the great powers, the impact of Russia-US relations on Eastern Europe and the consequences for the national security of the Republic of Moldova, ensuring the security of states by preventing and fighting corruption , the achievements of the contemporary civilization in the military and human security field, the implementation of Resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security" in the Republic of Moldova, indications, forms and methods of influence on the security in the region, evolution of the defense economy in the modern strategic environment and other relevant subjects.

General Secretary of State, Radu Burduja, mentioned at the event the importance of organizing such scientific conferences aiming at a comprehensive approach to the regional and international security environment in the context of the current challenges in the field.

"In the current geopolitical context, economic, political, social, environmental, informational issues, security approaches in the Republic of Moldova must be addressed in the interests of regional and international actors. In this respect, it is very relevant to develop mechanisms and tools that would detect pre-crisis situations or potential conflicts, generate a sufficiently reliable forecast of their evolution, and then generate recommendations for an effective solution. Obviously, all of this requires a relevant and appropriate instrumentation that participants of today's conference will certainly identify, "said Radu Burduja.

The International Conference "Security Strategic Environment: Challenges and Trends" is annually organized by the Center for Strategic Defense and Security Studies of AMFA.

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