Defendant who escaped escort, injured prosecutor, raped and killed a minor in Ungheni, was imposed sentence

The defendant, who escaped from the police escort last autumn and was right away immobilized by a prosecutor, received his sentence.

For escaping from places of detention accompanied by violence, the defendant was sentenced to 4 years in prison, and shortly afterwards he would be punished for the extremely serious offenses committed in the Ungheni district.

The incident occurred near Penitentiary No. 11 in Balti, when the defendant, who had been escorted to the gates of the isolator, took advantage of the inattention of the police officers and escaped.

A prosecutor, traveling through that region, noticed the illicit actions of the defendant escaping and immediately intervened, immobilizing the him.

The prosecutor who detained the individual is the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Glodeni District Prosecutor's Office, and is currently on annual leave. During the arrest of the defendant, the prosecutor was caused average bodily injuries, requiring medical care.
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