Decreased case of scarlet fever recorded in Chisinau, says Interim Chief of Health General Directorate

Twenty-three cases of scarlet fever were recorded last week in Chisinau, according to the Interim Chief of Health and Social Assistance General directorate Carolina Olaru. 

Patients are children aged up to 17 years who were hospitalized in Clinical Municipal Hospital for Contagious Diseases for Children in Chisinau. 

Two weeks ago, there were 27 persons diagnosed with scarlet fever, says Carolina Olaru. 

Signs and symptoms generally appear about 1 to 4 days after initial infection, writes Medical News Today. The first symptoms of scarlet fever are usually:

  • a red, sore throat, sometimes with white or yellowish patches
  • a fever of 101 Fahrenheit (38.3 Celsius) or higher, frequently with chills.

A rash appears 12 to 48 hours after these first symptoms.

Red blotches appear on the skin. These turn into a fine pink-red rash that looks like sunburn. The skin feels rough when touched, like sandpaper.

The rash spreads to the ears, neck, elbows, inner thighs and groin, chest, and other parts of the body.

It does not usually appear on the face, but the patient's cheeks will become flushed, and the area around the mouth becomes pale.

If a glass is pressed on the skin, the rash will turn white.

After about 6 days, the rash usually fades. In milder cases, the rash may be the only symptom.

Other possible symptoms include:

  • difficulty swallowing
  • feeling unwell
  • headache
  • itching
  • nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain
  • broken blood vessels in the folds of the body, for example, the armpits, groin, elbows, knees, and neck, known as Pastia's lines
  • swollen neck glands, or lymph nodes, that are tender to the touch
  • a white coating forms on the tongue that peels away, leaving a red and swollen "strawberry" tongue

If severe muscle aches, vomiting, or diarrhea occur, the doctor will need to rule out other possible causes, such as toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

The skin of the hands and feet will peel for up to 6 weeks after the rash has gone.


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