Declaration of Constitutional Court President Vladimir Ţurcan over Şova's accusation

New President of Constitutional Court Vladimir Ţurcan denies the accusation of Liuba Şova that his appointment was rigged. 

"I think it's simply a moment, emotion", said Ţurcan. 

Publika TV also tried to ask opinions of several CC judges. 

SERGHEI ŢURCANU: The position of president has many managerial aspects, which, in my opinion, I also told my colleagues in the meeting, who I consider valuable to participate directly in the adoption of decisions.

EDUARD ABABEI: Nobody asked me vote for anyone. It was an attempt that she was targeted. 

NICOLAE ROŞCA: Nobody contacted me. The truth is the truth. 

Domnica Manole declined to talk with our reporter. 

Domnica Manole is suspected by political analysts of voting for Vladimir Ţurcan in exchange of the position of CC judge. Parliament previously ignored the result of competition that Domnica Manole failed. According to the source from bloc ACUM, Manole was appointed to the position of magistrate, following the insistence of his party chief, Andrei Nastase.



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