Debates on uninominal voting. Sociologist: We are not ready for complex system

At the second round of debates on the uninominal voting bill, the manager of the sociology company Intellect Group, Ian Lişnevschi, has said the uninominal voting system is a solution for Moldova and one must let the citizens voice their say.

"We all agree the political system must be changed. Society’s problem is that the parties got away from the people, the mistrust in parties is 90%.

The citizens from abroad may vote at embassies. The Transnistrian region may be given a certain number of seats. It’s a country where the geopolitics impact the electiojns but we must let the citizens voice their say. However we’re not yet ready for a complex (mixed) system," Intellect Group manager Ian Lişnevschi said.

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PUBLIKA.MD reminder: the process of collecting signatures supporting the introduction of uninominal voting started earlier in March and 530,000 people have already signed, hoping no unknown persons will get to the Parliament, persons with commitments not to political parties but to people.

Last week, over 100 people joined the first round of public debates. They represented state institutions, NGOs and ethnic associations.

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