Debates on uninominal voting. Mayor from Ialoveni district: Everybody is free to run for a seat in Parliament

At the second round of debates on the uninominal voting bill, the president of the mayors association from the central district of Ialoveni, Mihai Catan, has made the following statements:

"The proposed bill is quite bold; it deserves appreciation because of the single reason: there is a total need of a new electoral mechanism. 98% of the people from the countryside want it.

The mayors association I represent signed and unanimously supports the uninominal elections. We have nothing to fear! Only the ones knowing they have no chance of getting into the Parliament are afraid.

Speaking about the Moldovans overseas I am not sure they care so much to vote as we do so that they can vote. 

We also must find ways of getting the Transnistrian side into the political process. Nobody hinders Diaspora candidates, women, ethnic representatives to run for a seat in the Parliament.”

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PUBLIKA.MD reminder: the process of collecting signatures supporting the introduction of uninominal voting started earlier in March and 530,000 people have already signed, hoping no unknown persons will get to the Parliament, persons with commitments not to political parties but to people.

Last week, over 100 people joined the first round of public debates. They represented state institutions, NGOs and ethnic associations.

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