Debates on political reform in Moldova, held in Anenii Noi

The citizens expect actions from politicians, which will change the situation in the country, despite the dissatisfaction with the political parties.

Legislator Valentina Stratan discussed about jobs, health and education. The people from Anenii Noi were interested in knowing whether the ruling class is able of solving the citizens’ problems.

Octavian Zelinschii, a representative of the DA Platform Party from Anenii Noi district, said that the normal, human relations between representatives and supporters of different parties must be maintained.

The political opposition is indispensable in democracies, as the political class needs steady renewal.

The debaters also discussed about the Moldovan media. The attendees said that airing ‘sensational’ events induces a state of depression and pessimism within society and is discouraging growing a new political class.

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