Debates in Ungheni town. Inhabitants: The current voting system needs changes

The current voting system is imperfect and needs to be changed. This statement was made at the debate organized by Promo-Lex Association in Ungheni town.

Most of Ungheni inhabitants advocate the mixed voting system, while others want changes for the current system.

Members of several political parties attended the debate. The PDM and PSRM representatives have explained the benefits of the new electoral system.

"You will be able to chose your own deputy. This can be also you. You'll choose the party and the deputy" , said PDM deputy, Sergiu Sarbu.

"First of all, there will be representatives of minorities in the country. Diaspora will have the opportunity for the first time to chose their deputy" , said the PSRM deputy, Vasile Bolea.

On the other hand, the representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party opposed the change of the current voting system.

"The party I represent is against the mixed electoral system and also the uninominal one" , said LDPM deputy Grigore Cobzac.

The representatives of the "Dignity and Truth" Party came with their version of the reform.

"An electoral system on lists of parties for the citizen to be able to chose who's below" , DA leader Andrei Nastase said.

"What it is what you want? You'll tell play with citizens. Play with them. Move them up or down", PSRM deputy Vasile Bolea said.

The DA leader, Andrei Nastase was booed while explaining his position. People attending the debate say they want to change the political class.

This was the last round of regional debates, organized by the Promo-Lex Association, on the change of the electoral system.

The debates began on June 16th. The first exercise in this regard was held in Edinet, where both politicians and local residents had the opportunity to discuss the topic. 97 percent of the nearly 700 people present supported the change of the current voting procedure.

Such debates were also held in Comrat, Balti, Ungheni, Cahul and Anenii Noi towns.

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