Dangers on streets of Balti. Road markings remain visible in few weeks

The roads in Balti become such real traps for drivers and pedestrians. Not only is the road being ruined but also are the road marks now disappearing. Especially, they started invisible only after few weeks after their application, which really let down the locals. 

In fact, the absence of road marks places drivers running vehicles in dangers. 

"I have witnessed several accidents caused by the driver who missed the mark."

"The road marks guide drivers and help them correctly circulate. The passage is visible so pedestrians feel sage as well."

The situation also frustrates pedestrians, who feel risky crossing the street where the zebra should be.

The markings are promised to be repainted by local authorities, accordingly, the works will last for one and half month. 

Over 600 thousand lei will be allocated from local budget for road markings. 

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