Dangerous Gambling in Prison No. 13. Man was requested to donate organs to repay a debt

Gambling turned dangerous in Prison No 13. An inmate who lost in cards was blackmailed and forced by his "friends" to recover the 30 000 Euro he lost.

Furthermore, the inmates requested the victim to recover the debt by registering certain real estate, owned by his family, on the names of several people, or even to donate his organs, being otherwise threatened with physical harm and death both his, as well as his family members.

According to the investigation, during the game, the victim was forced to consume drugs and alcohol.

The incident took place in August 2017, while now prosecutors have sent to case to the court.

At the same time, one of the accomplices, who was not imprisoned, was caught red handed while receiving the first tranche of the extorted money.

After searching the prison, officers found cell phones, SIM cars and other electronic devices used to commit the crime.

The five suspects now risk another 15 years being added to their sentence.

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