Daily life of Moldova's sole female sniper

Aim, take a deep breath and shot. A sniper means patience, maximum attention, smart camouflage and perfect sight. Moldova has only one female sniper that had enough courage to pursuit such a job. She was drawn by the adrenaline and can now hand the riffle with her eyes closed.

Cristina is a member of a special carabinier task force for over six years. The lady believes she chose this job since childhood. 

"I never had dolls when I was small, which was considered a norm for little girls. Most of my toys would be considered for boys. I had a toy gun, made out of wood and knifes. I loved the adrenaline" Cristina explained.

A year ago, Cristina decided that she wishes to be a sniper. She remembers very well the emotions after her first shot:

"The adrenaline was crazy. I wanted a change after doing the same thing for 5 years and this became it.

In this field, time is of essence, as everything can change in a second. A sniper can never just randomly shoot and must always be calm.

"Just because our country doesn't face the threat of terrorism, does not mean that we must not be prepared. What is my job? To ensure public peace and security, to take part in special operations" the lady explained.

Her day begins at 6 am, while at 7 am she is already on duty. Each day, she trains her body and her skills with firearms.

"She always treats a gun as if it had bullets. You must never aim it at anything other than the target. When you wish to shot you must aim to the left. Do not wobble. The finger must always be near the trigger. But it must only be placed on the trigger when you are ready to shoot" Cristina said.

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