Dacian Ciolos: Filip Government is government of reforms

Romania remains faithful to support the Republic of Moldova. The statement was made by Prime Minister of Romania, Dacian Ciolos after the meeting with Prime Minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip.

"Romania remains faithful to support Moldova. Our objective is to support reforms  to ensure security and development that Moldova needs. We believe that stability is very important in the following period. We find it essential that started reforms should continue" , said Dacian Ciolos.

Also, Ciolos said that the Romanian government wants to intensify cooperation not only at government level but also at local government level.

"For the first tranche were no conditions, but measures that have resulted from problems and people that were in the street a few months ago in Chisinau and the need to progress in various fields. The approach was to make the loan to open clear financing and other sources. We asked Moldova to lead the way to these reforms to improve the economic environment, and today we are in the situation that the money is already in the account of the Government of Moldova, Moldova is about to conclude an agreement with the IMF Moldova has recognized the European Commission.

Beyond this loan, we will continue with irredeemable financial assistance and programs that have failed, we provide 3 million euro for kidnergarten funding that will improve conditions in 80 kindergartens. We want to intensifie cooperation not only at government level but also at the local government level to improve the lives of people living in rural areas. We want to continue to support humanitarian aid to be added to the spring 4 million euro" , said the Prime Minister of Romania.

However, Dacian Cioloş said it is important for Romanian investments to increase in Moldova.

"It is important to raise Romanian investments in Moldova. Moldova has an agreement with the EU that includes one free trade, and Romania is the main trading partner. We encourage Romanian investors, both state-owned companies and private investors. There already are interconnection cooperative partnerships who are working in transportation and electricity. There is an important bank in Romania to invest here. I confirmed to the Prime Minister, we are ready to create a guarantee fund. "

Romanian Prime Minister concluded that Romania wants to continue to be the main advocate of European orientation of Moldova.

"Romania wants to continue to be the main advocate of European orientation of Moldova, continue to be an active partner to mobilize other European capitals. Romania remains a pragmatic partner with action-oriented and results for Moldova, visible to all citizens."

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos is in an official visit to our country. The head of the Bucharest will have today several meetings with Chisinau officials and will visit a renovated kindergarten with the support of the Government .

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