One of the founders of DA Party, Valentin Dolganiuc, who used to be close associate to Andrei Năstase, now criticized his actions. According to him, the DA leader could be coordinated by Moscow and Renato Usatîi. Dolganiuc told a private television station that Năstase's behavior and language were not right to convince him that Năstase would become the mayor of Chisinau, writes 10tv.md.

"If these decisions are made in the Republic of Moldova or these decisions are taken elsewhere, but if Andrei Nastase is an interpus, as it is said to be behind him or those who have been tried, Victor and Viorel Topa, but if these decisions are taken elsewhere, for example by Renato Usatîi, "said Valentin Dolganiuc, a former member of DA Platform.

Dolganiuc said there are questions about the participation of President Igor Dodon and Usatîi in the protests organized by the "DA" Platform in 2015.

"The decision was not taken in the Square of the Grand National Assembly. This decision was taken behind the scenes, and we when we woke up were together in PMAN, and in these circumstances I got a little miserable and now I try to say to name things so everyone knows what's going on, "said Valentin Dolganiuc, a former member of the DA Platform.

Referring to the outcome of the elections in the capital, Dolganiuc added that Năstase won more votes not because he supported it, but because it was voted by unionists, and now their message is blamed and excluded by PPDA and PAS.

"The 10-15 per cent of the unionists voted for him and voted not for him, they voted against Ceban," he said, "that Valentin Dolganiuc, a former member of the DA Platform, was not here in Chisinau to grab Moscow.

Dolganiuc also said Năstase is in favor of invalidating the mayoral mandate.

"At the mayoralty, if you go as a mayor, in a year you have to show certain things," said Valentin Dolganiuc, a former member of the DA.V Platform

Dolganiuc argues that the protests will not go anywhere, because the organizers do not know where to run the demonstrators.


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