Customs will benefit of new application to send international parcels

The customs service will improve and simplify the shipping of the parcels sent by the international postal service. By the end of this year, the institution will implement a special way for sending the parcels.

The new system will be funded by USAID program.

This subject was discussed within a meeting of Vitalie Vrabie, the director of the customs service and Douglas Muir, the director of the program.

According to their discussion, the new way is a version of Asycuda World software. It will be based on the exchange data between the postal operators and the customs ones.



Vitalie Vrabie thanked the director of the customs service and the USAID program for their support.

"Due to this support we managed to implement many projects", said Vitalie Vrabie.

In this context, the director of the customs mentioned the new version implemented by the customs with the support of USAID. The program is operating since May 18.


Also, USAID program plans to implement a new system for the trucks to cross the border.

Also, USAID supported a program to improve the web page of the customs service and the Unique Call Center.


Another field supported by USAID is the AEO concept. Also, the parts indent to extend the survey regarding the commercial halls.

"This project will be a starting point for strengthening the situation in the both sides of the border. It is important for the transporters to benefit of a good infrastructure", said Vitalie Vrabie. 

At his turn, Douglas Muir, the USAID director in Moldova mentioned that one of the key elements to improve the trade halls is to increase the cooperation between the both countries.

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