Customs Services stopped two attempts of illegal nuts sales

Inspectors from Customs Service managed to prevent two attempt of illegal sales of nuts, lacking certificates of origin. Their total worth being estimates of 180 000 lei.

The first case was reported at Căușeni-Chișinău highway, after inspectors pulled over a minibus, where multiple sacks were transported, declared by the driver as being filled with peel.

Still, officers decided to take the vehicle back to the Customs Service headquarters to inspect the lot. Therefore, Customs officers managed to discover 10 sacks filled with peel, while the rest 60 with 1 800 kg of nuts.

Another minibus that was transported nuts without necessary documents was found on Comrat-Cantemir highway. 34 sacks filled with 814 kg of nuts and peel being discovered inside.

The minibus was driven by a 34-year-old man from Cahul.

The lots were confiscated until the investigation is not completed and fitting punishments imposed.

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