Customs Service received 97 new cars

Customs Service received 97 new cars. The ceremony was attended by PM Pavel Filip and head of Customs Service, Vitalei Vrabie. 

Prime Minister Pavel Filip mentioned that Customs employees have shown better results, due to the institution's reform. According to him, the cars will make their activity even more efficient.

"This year, compared to the last one, Customs Service has brought to the state budget close to 18% more money. A quality activity of Customs Service will have an impact upon our possibility to make social investments" Pavel Filip declared.

Head of Customs Service claims that at the moment, the car park is being renovated.

"We managed to renew 50% of the whole car park Customs Service owns. Next year, we will purchase more specific vehicles, which cynologists or criminal prosecution bodies will be able to use" Vitalie Vrabie said.

Customs officers are glad that they will now have better conditions and able to be faster.

"Old vehicles became useless and expensive to maintain, therefore we are glad to have received new cars, which will allow us to save money" a customs officer said.

"We hope this comfort will allow us to better our activity" a customs officer said.

The cars were purchased from the state budget. To acquire them were spent 19.8 million lei.

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