Customs Service is extending collaboration in non-intrusive control

Customs Service is extending collaboration in non-intrusive control. For this, the institution indents to continue the dialogue with potential partners, as well as consider new opportunities to ensure economical and border security in the region.
Therefore, interaction methods were discussed during a meeting of Director General of Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie with representatives of an US organization, which previously collaborated with the institution.
Vitalie Vrabie announced that Customs Service has already created a working group, that examines the necessity of providing equipment to crossing points, as well as the technical aspects of the new scanning devices.
At the same time, taking into consideration internationally used methods, they established an algorithm to perform scans only based on risk analysis and provided information. The institution will study the risk of potential frauds and determine what goods and regions are most vulnerable.
"We speak of a new method, as well as a new scanning concept. We wish to use those measure to increase security rate, so that frauds will stop being committed and to ensure to collect of all duty" Vitalie Vrabie underlined.
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