Customs service implements new project. Truck drivers will no longer face traffic jams

The Customs service starts the project to implement the system of trucks border crossing. Vitalie Vrabie, the director of the customs service and Douglas Muir, the director of USAID program signed a memorandum in this sense.

The goods transporters can announce the time when they arrive at customs, thus they will reduce the traffic jam. 

At the beginning, the project will be realized in Sculeni. The institution will check the opportunities to implement the project. 

The director of the customs thanked the USAID representatives for their support.

"This support will help us develop the "intelligent border" concept. An intelligent management of the border means  a better circulation of the goods", said Vitalie Vrabie.

USAID program also has projects for the web page of the customs service and the unique calling center.

"The programming system of the border crossing has proven its efficiency in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania. This is why, we are very happy to improve Moldova. This will lead to the transparency of the procedures. At the same time, this is a tool to facilitate the trade between Moldova and the EU.

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