Customs brokers' work, analyzed in detail. Customs General Director's statement

The administration of the Customs Service has decided on the intensification of monitoring the activity of customs brokers. The decision was taken after the increase of violations in making customs declarations.

Regarding this problem,the General Director of the Customs, Vitalie Vrabie, has mentioned about the necessity of identifying viable solutions, so that possible risks of wrong application of customs regulations and prejudice of the state budget will be ruled out.

According to statistics, every seventh customs declaration is written with errors, only in the last year were found over 12 thousand breaches, that generated the cancellation of approximately 4,400 declarations and the application of fines in the total amount of 4.5 million lei.

The most frequent breaches are the wrong tariff code, the wrong or incomplete description of goods, and the unauthentic data regarding the holders of the customs operations.

According to the report presented by the working group members, monitoring this activity, there errors are caused mostly by an insufficient training of specialists in customs field.

On this subject, the Customs Service is ready to give methodological assistance by organizing training sessions for customs specialists.

In the context of the above-mentioned, for the working group was decided to examine the opportunity to adjust the legal framework regarding the monitoring and authorizing the brokerage activity, in making responsible the entities that perform the respective services and to diminish the errors in the customs process.

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