Currency supply did not cover its demand in October

The share of covering the net economic agents’ demand for foreign currency by its net supply from physical persons accounted for 93.6% in October against 130.3% in September, according to Infotag.

According to the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), this is due to the fact that the net supply has fallen by US$58 million (30.4%) over a month, while the net demand grew US$4.5 million (3.1%).

In conditions of lack of currency, the demand for it was partially satisfied by means of NBM interventions in the form of US$4.7 million sales, while in September the bank was forced to buy US$63 million in conditions of currency excess.

In such conditions, the national currency rate has insignificantly depreciated – by 0.5% - to MDL19.8856 : US$1 in October from MDL19.7850 : US$1 in September.

In the currency structure of net foreign currency supply from physical persons, the largest share still belongs to the Euro – 54.1% (-12.1%), the US dollar – 26.1% (+4.8%) and Russian rubles – 17.6% (+6.6%).

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