Currency rate change brings about effect on citizens. Why euro becomes more expensive?

Since last Friday, European single currency has increased 24 bani and values 20.09 lei. 

While dollar costs 17.76 lei, with 16 bani more than last week. 

The higher euro exchange rate really worries people, especially students. 

So does Dorina Mocreac. She has to pay €150 monthly rent for her a-room apartment in Ciocana sector. 

"Now I only pay 2900 lei, but when euro exchange rate is raised, I have to pay over 3000 lei", said Dorina Mocreac.

Other students also share the same problems. 

"At the beginning of April, euro exchange rate was 19.3 lei and now it's 19.95 lei. For two-room apartment in Botanica we paid 3800 lei. Now it's gonna be over 4000 lei", said Nicoleta Vlas.

People who want to buy apartments are also affected by this change. 

"When euro becomes more expensive, we have to pay higher credit", said Maria Borovscaia, an inhabitant of Chisinau. 

While other people don't experience such effects. 

 "It's alright. Nothing changes". 

According to economics experts, currency fluctuation is determined by political factors. For instance, when no parliamentary majority and new government can be created. 

Specialists also suggest citizens stay calm as the National Bank has sufficient instruments to prevent national currency depreciation. 

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