Crowd at Central Market. What do people buy for New Year table

On the New Year's Eve, the Capital market are very crowded. The women buy the necessary products for the New Year. The most popular among the products are the meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The meat departments are crowded since the early morning. A kilo of pork costs 65 lei.

"The prices are higher today. Yesterday,t he pork costed between 60 and 65 lei. Today, it can be sold on a price between 65 and 70 lei."

The women say that they will prepare salads, roast and so on.

"I will cook a duck, I will make salads, fruits, vegetables and that's it."

"My wife will prepare food. The prices are a bit high, but we don't have a choice."

Many people will have fish on their holiday table. One kilo of carp is 70 lei, while the mackerel costs 85 lei.

"We make mamaliga, roast. -What kind of fish do you usually buy? -Carp."

People also buy fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes and cucumbers cost 35 lei for one kilo.

"I bought mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage. We will make a salad."

Oranges are also on sell. One kilo of oranges costs 17 lei.

The Central Market will be opened tomorrow until 6 PM.

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