Cristina Lesnic published achievement of Reintegration Bureau

The number of drivers from the left bank of Nistru who have neuter matriculation plates reached 2200. Other three thousand persons are about to get these. The information wa presented by Cristina Lesnic, the vice prime-minister for Reintegration.

Cristina Lesnic informed that the number of the ones who requested neuter matriculation plates, 90% requested to change the driving license also.

"Starting September, 1739 persons applied to the Agency for Public Services to change the driving license. It is very important to mention that the Transnistrean driving license doesn't allow you to cross the border of the country", declared Cristina Lesnic, vice prime-minister for Reintegration.

Also, in 2018, the issue of the Romanian schools from the left bank of Nistru was solved. Thus, now both teachers and pupils have free access to circulation.

"All the ID cards have been issued by the Public Services Agency, 1436 student cards have already been completed and the 234 ID cards have already been issued, on the basis of these documents will not be checked in the so-called professions and students", said Cristina Lesnic, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration.

The Government has taken an important step. This time, it targets the farmers in Dubasari district, who did not have access to their own agricultural land located on the Ribnita -Tiraspol route. Now, access to 88% of the total land area has been restored and 125 certificates have been issued that guarantee people the right to use about six thousand hectares of land.

"This 12% non-integral formula refers to those persons who are in legal succession to obtain the inheritance, refers to those who are outside the country today and local municipalities", said Cristina Lesnic, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration also added that the authorities intend to extend the free circulation on the bridge over the Dniester River around Gura Bicului and for the heavy-tonnage cars. As for now, traffic is allowed for vehicles of less than 10 tonnes.

"We have made a feasibility study that has allowed us to find that this bridge allows up to 25 tons. It remains to further verify the capacity of the bridge to withstand 40 tons. is proceeding to a new stage of renovation of this bridge", said Cristina Lesnic, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration.

A priority for Reintegration Bureau for 2019 remains to ensure the interaction of the telecommunication systems of the two banks of the Dniester.

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