Cristina Lesnic about negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol

(20:50) Cristina Lesnic: We believe that when parties have certain ideas and communicate, regardless of the format, the result is what will matter to the citizens. The citizens are the ones who appreciate our work. Both in the 1+1 and 5+2 format.

(20:49) Cristina Lesnic: This year my colleagues are often visiting Transnistria. There, they speak with colleagues and local authorities. It is very important to establish a good dialogue, as well as communication between the Government and central and local administration.

(20:47) Cristina Lesnic: I also wish for some priorities this year, regarding Chisinau and namely I speak of consolidating the capabilities of the reintegration bureau to become an element. We speak of organizing as often as possible those reunion of the Electoral Commission. It is important for people to gain a perception of the reintegration bureau.

(20:44) Cristina Lesnic: Last but not least, we wish to insist and organize the next 5+2 meeting, during Italy's presidency at OSCE.

(20:39) Cristina Lesnic: From now on we will work in the same rhythm, we already have a set agenda that requires work from day to day. If we speak in general lines, of course we also mention the activities and priorities of Berlin+. If we speak in particularly, then in the period when we will prepare for the auto transport, we wish to prepare the field for its application. We plan for the project to be brought into force starting from September 1. It is important to prepare and see the departments between Râbniţa and Tiraspol. 

(20:32) Cristina Lesnic: I do not lecture anyone. I do not wish for discrimination and populism to appear in this process. We are concentrating on the citizens, people from Republic of Moldova. We wish them well. It is important to have an efficient and constructive dialogue. We work for the citizen.

(20:26) Cristina Lesnic: During the visit of Mr. Frattini at Chisinau, we suggested to have two additional priorities, namely: the situation from the security zone and to monitor it, including human rights. Today, certain NGOs cannot freely travel in Transnistria, we wish to oversee the issue of human rights. I am grateful that we spoke of relaunching those two priorities, but wish to also see results.

(20:26) Cristina Lesnic: Schools and other areas must not be influenced by politics. Students have no part of it and therefore must not suffer the consequences.

(20:19) Cristina Lesnic, on schools from Transnistria: Schools are among the priorities. Today the Government approved a program to reintegrate schools in 2018. I wish to mention that the budget for those activities amounts to 15 million lei. It is important to mentioned that from this program will benefit citizens, as well as the educational system, kindergartens, sewage, activities tied to the country's reintegration. A commission has selected 49 projects out of 140 submitted. Between 2011-2017 the Government has financed around 309 projects with 82 million lei.

(20:08) Cristina Lesnic, on lands: Another priority was the free access to the agricultural lands and requisition. I must say that some of the aspects were agreed upon. Another priority of Chisinau was the bridge. It must be able to withstand to 10 tonnes. Tiraspol wished 4 new priorities, among which was the transport, telecommunications, as well as graduate diplomas. Those priorities will following be implemented. Chisinau is at the implementation stage, the Government is aware and wishes to please the people. Tomorrow it was decided to speak with authorities from Tiraspol on the land requisition. Said lands are currently being used.

(20:07) Cristina Lesnic: Each car will be re-registered and there will be employees that will check the cars with Interpol database. This is additional. How legal are those cars and what is happening with them? Through this mechanism other mechanisms were born.

(20:05) Cristina Lesnic: The program is aimed at both natural and legal persons. There are no conditions for Transnistrian authorities to give them neutral plates.

(20:00) Cristina Lesnic: We speak of a system that got us to the point of having neutral registration plates. There are some EU member states with such registration plates. The MD mark will also remain in the vehicle registration certificate. It will allow us to know who the car belongs to and who drives it. Before, there were many suspicions. It is a step in solving the problems. A new element is that Moldova will participate in registering those plates. We will not have a double registration system. 

(19:55) Cristina Lesnic: It is true that since last year, we have managed not simple talks between Chisinau and Tiraspol, but actions as well. Only since the beginning of this year, we had around 25 meeting on the issue of registration plates. We got used to having a document, stating certain elements, but we destroyed the stereotype and included both the wishes of Chisinau and Tiraspol. We reached to have a 40 pages document. This process was possible thanks to a group of people. 9 institutions received training.

Multiple progresses registered in the negotiations between Chisinau and Tiraspol will be discussed today on Fabrika.

Cristian Tabără will have an interview with Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Cristina Lesnic.

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