Criminal group specialized in theft identified and arrested. Damage amounted over 400,000 lei

A criminal group specialized in theft was identified by policemen and prosecutors in Teleneşti district, after several complaints of residents. 

The suspects, five men, aged between 22 and 42, respectively, acted at night when no one was at home. Individuals broke in the houses and stole goods, including firearms, gold jewelry. Total damage amounted over 400,000 lei. 

In the searches conducted at their homes, the police picked up some of the stolen goods.

According to law enforcement, the suspects would have been involved in more than 10 theft cases  in the district for over two years.

At the moment, three of the suspects have recognized guilty and are kept in custody while other two suspects are issued search warrants, writes

The police continue investigations to determine all the circumstances. If found guilty, the perpetrators are at risk from 7 to 12 years of imprisonment. 

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