CReDO Director: Aggressive actions documented, people held accountable

Director of Resource Center for Human Rights, Sergiu Ostaf has examined the case of black citizens, assaulted by Năstase's protesters. He noted that the actions of the aggressor should be documented, and people should be held accountable because they are confusing another group.

"There is enough room for two groups to carry out its public activities. Neither the group in front of the City Hall nor the group in front of the Post Office did not interfere with each other.

Protesters in front of the City Hall had a political message and have a legitimate interest in expressing this view. The other group, in front of the Post Office, has a message of cultural diversity, so an unpolitical message, but equally important for society.

Therefore, both the exposed public viewpoints must be tolerated. The aggressive actions of the first group need to be documented, and people have to be held accountable because they are puzzling another group. Police have a duty to intervene and separate these two groups. The organizers must also not interfere with the public activity of another group.

Responsibility is individual. When organizers encourage aggressive actions, then they can be held accountable. In this case there was no urge to aggression, it is a hooliganism action on the part of some people who have passed the road. They had aggressive behavior.

It is obvious that these people were black people. It is unclear whether some people who have been assaulted because they were colored people or without reasons.

I hope it is a hooliganism behavior, not racial reasons, " said Sergiu Ostaf, Director of Resource Center for Human Rights.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that members of an artist bank were kicked by Năstase's protesters. The actions were filmed by the people passing by. 

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